Nutritional Support - unwanted weight loss, underweight, reduced appetite
Having worked for years in acute hospitals with sick patients I have extensive experience in providing nutritional support to patients who are struggling to meet their nutritional needs, and may have lost or are losing weight in an unwanted way or are underweight or at risk becoming underweight and malnourished. Unwanted weight loss, reduced appetite or reduced ability to eat can be the consequence of a wide range of conditions. Receiving adequate nutrition can be key to a faster and fuller recovery in many cases or to protect a person from being vulnerable to future illness. It is important to get proper advice from a Dietitian in such circumstances.

Working closely with nurses and doctors in a team approach is key to properly supporting a patient. In consulting with you I am happy and able to communicate with members of your current healthcare team to see any necessary changes are supported and that they are kept up-to-date with your care as needed.

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